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Transgender Surgery Loan

The gender change operation is an extremely serious step, which not everyone can do. For example, young children may have problems with self-identification – boys start trying on mother’s shoes and dresses, and girls are addicted to purely male activities.

Having matured, the majority achieves inner harmony and stops thinking about changing sex, however, a small percentage of people realize that their outer shell is not a reflection of their inner world, and decides on an operation. However, transgender surgery is far from cheap.

What is a transgender surgery loan?

      Transgender surgery loan is a personal loan used to pay for transgender surgery and medical expenses. Sometimes there are situations when you don’t want to wait and urgently need money for transgender surgery, but you don’t have enough financial means. So a transgender surgery loan is the best solution in this case.

How much does a transgender surgery cost?

     Every year tens of thousands of people resort to sex-change operations in the world. The first such operation was performed in the 20th century.

      The essence of the whole action is that the sex change operation always consists of several stages. In the first surgery, surgeons remove the primary and secondary sexual signs of the patient.

      Types of transgender operations:

•         gender change from male to female – MtF (Male to Female)

•         gender change from female to male – FtM (Female to Male)

      In the US, this kind of surgery will cost about 40 thousand dollars.

      Be sure to pay attention to the possibility of postoperative care: it can be up to 14 days.

How can you pay for transgender surgery?

      Before applying for a bank loan, it is important to determine which type suits you best. All lending products can be divided into two categories – targeted and general.

      The targeted loan includes borrowed funds aimed at the acquisition of a particular product or service, for example, transgender surgery. Banks take this into account and offer customers targeted loans that are granted for strictly defined purchases. Such borrowed funds are significantly “cheaper”, but the credit institution is closely monitoring that the money given out is really spent for its intended purpose. Therefore, the borrower will have to collect a lot of documents in order to prove the intended use of funds.

      In the case of receiving a general loan, no one wonders how you intend to spend the funds received. However, it is necessary to pay for convenience – general loans are more expensive, since the rates on them are higher, and the client’s bank check procedure will be more thorough. In addition, in these cases there are restrictions on the loan amount.

What to pay attention to when obtaining a loan?

      So, you have chosen a suitable loan product and are ready to conclude an agreement. But before you affix a signature, you should carefully examine all the conditions and clarify some issues.

      Monthly payments. Do not hesitate to ask the manager what kind of full cost of the loan (taking into account the “body” of the loan, interest and all fees), what repayment schedule and the size of the mandatory monthly payment are.

      The cost of services related to the loan. Some banks charge for reviewing a loan application, maintaining a credit account and issuing cash or making a bank transfer.

      Currency. To avoid losses during conversion, you should open an account in the currency in which you receive a salary.

      Repayment of the loan. Be sure to find out whether there are penalties for partial or full early repayment of the loan, as well as where and in what ways you can repay the debt.

      Penalty for delay. Find out in advance how much a delay in a loan will cost you, what are the conditions and term of payment delay, after which the bank has the right to demand early repayment of the loan. 

How to prepare mentally and physically for the transgender surgery?

      And yet, despite the prevalence of such practices throughout the world, you should not forget: gender is the most important feature that determines individuality. Change of sex is the most serious change that can happen to a person, so you need to change your gender with great care.

     Before an operation, a person undergoes a long preparation in several stages. To determine a diagnosis, a person goes through a psychiatric examination. Social adaptation and hormonal adjustment are also required. A sex-change operation is not carried out if a psychiatric examination shows that a person is not sure of his/her decision. After the diagnosis “transsexualism” has been made, the patient has to undergo a test of a whole year: he/she must live as a person of the opposite sex – only this way one can be convinced of the correctness of the decision.

      Hormonal preparation includes taking hormones. This is necessary because a transformed person will have to take them all his/her life.

      Permission to correct the gender is given under the following conditions:

  • awareness of the discrepancy of their sex at an early age and the constant feeling of sexual discrepancy;
  • periodic observation by a sex therapist for at least a year;
  • examination during the month in the inpatient clinic;
  • danger of suicide due to the discrepancy between internal self-awareness and real gender;
  • lack of homosexuality and mental illness;
  • the presence of a sufficient level of social adaptation in the new living conditions.

      Upon successful completion of the preparation, the person receives permission for the operation to correct the gender.

How to apply for transgender surgery loan?

      Today, you can apply for a loan in a variety of ways. The traditional way is to get a loan from a bank, in the nearest branch. There you can personally talk with the manager and ask all the questions, but the inconvenience is obvious – the client depends on the bank’s working hours, there may be a queue in the branch, and the office itself is not always conveniently located.

      Another option is to apply online. Today, many banks offer this service, especially for express loans. This method is very convenient – you can apply to several banks at once: at least one will surely give a positive answer. You do not need to go anywhere, wait in the queue and lose time – you can do everything without losing a minute of time and not getting up from the chair.

      Finally, you can apply for a loan from bank representatives working outside the office – counters of various banks and credit organizations can be found at airports and shopping centers, and some banks representatives can even visit your home or place of work. Also our website provides detailed information about LASIK eye surgery loan and dental loans. Webmoneyloans is always ready to help you.

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