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Senior Care Loans

With age, it becomes more difficult for an elderly person to cope with loneliness, lack of understanding of relatives and, most importantly, household activity.

Each of us will sooner or later face the old age of our loved ones, so you need to know what to do and who to ask for help in this situation.

What is a senior care loan?

      Senior care loan is a loan used to pay for elderly care equipment and other senior care services. Caregivers can provide all possible elderly care services, but it is not free.

      A person in caring for the elderly must have patience, a positive attitude, attentiveness and tact. One also need to try not to let wards lose their balance and fall, because at this age there are often fractures of the femoral neck, which later may not properly grow together or not heal at all. The right equipment at home in accordance with the needs of the person can reduce the risk of an unpleasant accident. In other words, caring for older people over 80 must be especially thorough and the person looking after them must have medical education and certain skills. You will need a lot of money for all this; therefore senior care loan is the best solution of the financial problem.

What are the options to pay long-term senior care?

      You can pay for long-term care for older people with a few different financing variants, which we will provide below. What is best for you depends on your specific situation, including short-term and long-term needs.

1. Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM)

      Your home is your biggest asset. Why not use the capital in the house to increase cash flow? Reverse mortgage is also known as homeowner equity conversion mortgage (HECM). The program was established by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) specifically to assist homeowners 62 years of age and older. HECM allows older people to use the right to own a house after retirement.

It can reduce financial stress by using capital to get rid of monthly mortgage payments.

      Elderly people can supplement their pension mortgage with retirement income, pay off debt, pay for medical care and home services, pay for home repairs, or simply cover daily expenses.

      Since there are many factors to consider before deciding whether a reverse mortgage is right for you or your elderly parents, it is important to find a decent mortgage lender that will help you fully understand the benefits and risks of this type of loan.

2. Home equity loan

      A home equity loan is the easiest and most profitable way to receive funds for senior care in the shortest amount of time. As the trend shows, recently the number of banking organizations that are ready to issue loans to their customers has significantly increased. But it is worth noting the fact that the conditions for their issuance have become slightly tougher.

      What is a home equity loan, and what are its distinctive features? This is a personal, expensive property of each client, which acts as a guarantor of the return of loan funds, in case of force majeure situations. The pledged property becomes the property of the bank only if the borrower does not comply with legal obligations to the financial institution. At the same time, the person being credited, at the time of payment of the loan funds, is the owner of the property and may dispose of it at his/her own discretion.

3. Personal loan

      Personal loans are widespread and popular due to the simplicity of their receipt, which is usually associated with a small amount of the loan and its relatively short duration. That is why the number of such loans does not decrease even during the financial crisis. However, not all borrowers take full advantage of personal loans, so it is logical to consider the issue in more detail.

      Personal loan is a loan that can be issued to individuals for the purchase of elderly care equipment or other senior care services. The main features of personal loans are their short duration, which rarely exceeds 1.5-2 years, as well as an insignificant amount compared to the already mentioned mortgages.

4. Assisted living and bridge loans

      If your family has unforeseen assisted living expenses that you need to take care of right now, this may be a solution for you. These loans are designed for short-term financial gaps when you are waiting for long-term solutions, such as selling a home or benefits for veterans.

      With a bridge loan, you can get approval in just one day. You will have up to 12 months to pay, and sometimes costs can be distributed among six people, which lighten the burden of each individual. These loans are not secured, and lenders may require all applicants to have good credit in order to qualify for a competitive rate.

5. Medicaid

      Older people who have spent most of their assets to pay for services can usually qualify for Medicaid, although they may have to meet additional qualification requirements. Medicaid can cover the cost of long-term care, such as assisted living.

How much does senior care cost?

      People turn to caregivers if they cannot care for an elderly close person, but want to take care of their safety and comfort. When resorting to the services of professional nurses, relatives want to be confident in their competence, as well as in a tactful, patient and friendly attitude towards the patient.

      The main factor that influences how much a nurse earns is the diagnosis and severity of the patient’s condition. Caregiving is provided for people with various forms of the disease, disability, as well as during the period of postoperative rehabilitation or recovery after injuries and fractures. The size of the nurse’s salary also depends on the following components:

  • work schedule;
  • type of employment;
  • list of duties;
  • availability of medical education;
  • personal characteristics (experience, recommendations).

      You can hire a nurse for a period of one hour or more, as well as for a day, in the morning-evening mode, on a night shift or with permanent residence. Hourly payment of nurses will cost twice more than a twenty-four-hour stay with a bed patient, in addition, the customer is obliged to pay separately the travel of the nurse by road to the patient’s place of residence. When servicing two clients at the same time, for example, an elderly couple, the second person is provided with a 50% discount, but a patient’s weight exceeding 80 kg will increase the payment by 10% for every 20 kg.

      The salary of a caregiver with accommodation is determined by the volume of activities assigned to it, such as:

  • sanitary and hygienic care (bathing, cutting hair and nails, ear, nose and mouth hygiene);
  • medical procedures;
  • control of medication taking;
  • room cleaning;
  • washing, changing of underwear and bed linen, changing diapers;
  • purchase of food and medicine;
  • cooking and feeding the patient;
  • escort for a walk and to medical institutions;
  • informing relatives about the patient’s condition, calling an ambulance or a doctor;
  • leisure activities.

     Also, our website provides detailed information about a funeral loan and a hearing aids loan. Webmoneyloans is always ready to help you.

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