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Mercedes Benz financing / loans

Buying a Mercedes Benz on credit is a suitable option for those who value prestige but do not have the money to buy a car. It can compete on the road with the best brands of cars, emphasize the status of its owner. Various financial institutions offer Mercedes on credit.

      An improved modification of the B-class deserves close attention; it retained the strengths of the Mercedes brand. However, the car received a new design, changing outwardly. This is a time-tested car that has won a leading position in the car market, complemented by new bumpers, hood and grille. Changes affected the interior.

How do Mercedes Benz loans work?

      All car loans can be divided into two types. The first includes loans issued at points of sale of cars, i.e. in car dealerships, the second includes loans granted directly in the banks. As a rule, getting a loan through a car dealership is much easier than getting a loan from a bank. This method helps to save time.

      In car dealerships, a decision to grant or refuse a loan is received within a day or several hours. In banks, it can take from two to four days, and processing can take a whole week. Car dealerships work simultaneously with several banks. This makes it possible to choose the most suitable loan option.

      Also, one of the advantages of obtaining a loan at a car dealership is the smaller number of documents required.

      You should know that registration through a car dealership also has its drawbacks. One of the main ones is a higher interest rate. For example, in the case of registration through the bank, it will be approximately 8-12%, and when registering through the car salon, it will be more than 15%.

      As a rule, the used car loan period is from 5 months to 5 years. In this case, the interest rate is directly proportional to the loan term. The longer the term, the higher the interest rate on the loan.

      For example, you have decided on the type of loan. Then you need to collect the necessary documents. It is necessary to study in detail each clause of the contract. If you do not understand any intricacies, you should contact a familiar lawyer or hire a third-party specialist. You also need to pay attention to the commission, a one-time payment when opening a loan account and a monthly fee for maintaining a loan account. As a rule, the amount of these payments is significantly overstated.

      In addition to the above features, one of the main conditions for obtaining a loan may be compulsory car insurance. In this way, the bank guarantees the payment of funds if the car is stolen or it gets into an accident.

How much will a new Mercedes Benz cost me?

      Mercedes Benz cars price starts at $32,800 for Mercedes-Benz A-Class and goes up to $235,600 for Mercedes Benz AMG S 65.

How much will a used Mercedes Benz cost me?

      You should keep in mind the following factors that influence the price: a car appearance, its color, the performance of the electronics, age, mileage, etc.

What are the benefits of using a Mercedes Benz loan

  1. Sometimes a loan is granted within a month, but in any case, you can become an owner of a car much faster than if you save money for several years.
  2. If you need a car for doing business, acquiring it on credit is more than justified. For an enterprise, a bad credit loan is an additional means that can be used without affecting the budget. It is also likely that the repayment of the debt will come at the expense of the income from the use of the purchased transport, so the company funds will remain free, they can be sent to another area.

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