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LASIK Eye Surgery Loan

The deterioration of the vision quality, even gradual, over time will lead to the fact that a person will be forced to start wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Neither method of vision correction is absolutely convenient – both have their pros and cons, and, unfortunately, the disadvantages are much more. They are especially acutely felt by those who are faced with a strong degree of visual impairment. However, the medicine is on the go, and now various operations are performed in professional clinics to help correct the vision and return almost 100% of its accuracy. For example, LASIK is an eye operation that is performed very quickly, and a person begins to see after it without the aid of glasses or lenses.

      Today, many banks offer various loan programs to pay for medical services. Paying for LASIK in installments is quite a common phenomenon, which can be especially convenient for young people, students who do not want to part immediately with a significant amount. The possibility of paying for vision correction on credit should be clarified with the managers of the eye clinic or with your bank.

What is a LASIK eye surgery loan?

      LASIK eye surgery loan is a personal loan used to pay for all LASIK eye procedures and operation. Sometimes there are situations when you urgently need money for LASIK operation, but you don’t have enough financial means. So a LASIK eye surgery loan is the best solution in this case.

How much does laser eye surgery cost?

      Prices for correcting myopia with the help of a laser depends on very many factors, even within a single city. In public and private clinics, the price of such services will be different. First of all, the cost of personalized laser vision correction depends on the degree of eye myopia: it can be weak, medium, strong. In addition, if myopia is combined with astigmatism, the operation, of course, will be more difficult and the price for it is higher. There are quite complex cases, for example, simultaneous cataract and myopia. In this case, cataract phacoemulsification is required: the old lens is removed, replaced by an intraocular lens, and at the same time the shape of the cornea changes. This is a difficult operation of laser vision correction, and its cost, of course, is higher than just correcting a mild myopia. The qualification of a specialist also influences the price: it may be twice as much.

      On average, the price per eye when using LASIK can vary from 1,500 to 2,500 dollars per eye. It is due to the high cost of operating equipment, as well as preliminary calculations of the individual correction program.

      In addition, one should not forget about preoperative diagnosis, including mapping the surface of the cornea. Without preliminary detailed examination, laser correction is simply impossible.

How can you pay for LASIK eye surgery?

      Career growth, lack of time, responsible work, financial difficulties – all these factors lead you to postpone the care for your vision “for tomorrow”. And this is despite the fact that thanks to the eyes, you get more than 95% of the information about the world around you. But illness always comes at the wrong time. And if the availability of free time is a sufficiently easily solved factor, then financial opportunities may often be absent.  

      Personal loan is one of the most convenient banking tools that allow you get the desired thing, even if there is no money for it at the moment. Personal loan is ideal for paying for LASIK eye surgery.

      A personal loan can be obtained by an individual who meets the established banking requirements. Depending on the bank, these requirements may vary, but there is a universal requirement applied by all banks: an individual who has a permanent source of income can receive a loan. The main source of income for most borrowers is wages. There are other sources of income: dividends from securities, income from the rental of real estate, etc. Banks mainly take into account other sources of income only if there is a permanent source of income in the form of wages. Alternative sources of income must necessarily be documented (for example, when renting a property, a tax return must be submitted confirming the payment of personal income tax).

How to choose a clinic for LASIK eye surgery?

      It is necessary to divide the selection criteria into two groups – general and directly medical.

      First, let’s consider the general ones:

      1. Availability of license

      This is perhaps the main document for any institution, especially for medical. That license gives the right to the clinic to carry out its activities. If the medical institution has an expired or no license, the provision of services is illegal.

How to check license availability? Usually the clinic has its own website on the Internet, where a copy of the license can be placed in the section with documents. In addition, the license number is in the contract, which is drawn up between the patient and the clinic.

      2. The contract between the patient and the clinic

      The contract is also a prerequisite for the operation. The contract must specify the services, their cost, the date of operation, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties. In case of violation of at least one clause of the contract, you can make a complaint only if this document is available.

      3. Clinic specialization

      Some medical institutions specialize in many sectors, ranging from common diseases to such narrow areas as laser correction. The fact that the clinic is multidisciplinary does not question its reputation and the professionalism of the doctors. However, in practice, it is very difficult to distribute resources equally (equipment, remuneration of highly qualified doctors, etc.) among all departments of the clinic. Therefore, it is better to give preference to single-industry ophthalmologic clinics, where all attention is focused on one industry.

      Now let’s consider the medical criteria associated directly with the operation:

      1. The choice of methods of operation

      To date, there are three types of laser correction – Lasik, Femto Lasik and Super-femto-Lasik.

      The ophthalmologist must choose the procedure for the operation that is appropriate for the patient’s eye disease. Therefore, it is best to contact the clinic where specialists work with all types of laser correction.

      2. Equipment

      The clinic should have the latest equipment that meets international standards.

      3. Competence of specialists

      The first thing that people pay attention to when choosing a doctor is the category and experience. And it is right. A doctor of the highest category, a candidate of medical science or an excellent public health professional is not just a status, but a guarantee that he/she is a professional. But at the same time, experience is no less important, and the point here is not so much in the experience as in the number of successfully performed operations. As a rule, information about doctors can be found either on the website of the clinic, or check with the administrator.

How to apply for LASIK eye surgery loan?

      1. The process of obtaining a LASIK eye surgery loan in bank begins with filing an application online or in one of the bank branches.

      2. After preliminary consultation, an employee of bank invites the applicant to a meeting in one of the bank branches.

      3. During this meeting, a person fills in a questionnaire and a bank officer reviews documents, and approval can also be immediately received.

      4. The application will be reviewed and approved within a maximum of one business day (usually, from 15 minutes to two hours).

      Also our website provides detailed information about adoption and transgender surgery loans. Webmoneyloans is always ready to help you.

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