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How to apply for $350 loan with bad credit

Small repairs, accidental car damage, unexpected medical bill, and many other unforeseen circumstances can shake one’s budget. Luckily, there are simple short-term $350 loans that can save the day. Learn about the basics of applying for one and tips to get approved.

What are the options for a $350 bad credit loan?

  • Personal loans can be divided into three subgroups: general personal loans (usually issued by the banks), payday and installment loans (frequently offered by the private lenders). All three are based on the division of the $350 into smaller monthly (bi-weekly or weekly) payments one needs to make to repay the loan. General personal and particular installment $350 loan options allow selecting the repayment schedule while repayments for payday loans are automatically deducted from one’s paycheck the same day.
  • Secured loans mean that you offer some security to the lender in the form of collateral. Due to this, secured loans tend to have more affordable interest rates, yet offer significantly less flexibility in terms of repayments.
  • Credit card loans are available for every credit card owner. Whenever you need to get a $350 loan with bad credit, you simply get the money you’re your credit card at 0% interest. The important thing is that you will only have a month to repay the loan; otherwise, the interest (and a big one) with penalties step in.

I need to borrow $350 dollars, what are the conditions?

The US government poses general conditions for the $350 loan borrowers throughout the country, they are:

  • Citizenship: US (or permanent residency)
  • Residency: in the state of the application
  • Age: 18 or over
  • Income: equals no less than $1,000 for every month in the past half a year

Besides that, remember that every state has its own particular regulations for different kinds of loans. For example, Pennsylvania completely prohibits payday loans in the state while a $350 loan with bad credit in Pennsylvania is absolutely legal. Do not forget that every lender has their own loan requirements as well, so double-check the conditions before handing over your papers.

Where to get a $350 loan with bad credit?

A $350 loan with bad credit is a small amount of money for lenders, so you can go for a bank, a private lender, or a pawnshop. Banks will likely conduct a deeper document and FICO score check before approving your loan (provided that you go for a standard personal loan and not a credit card one). This means that you should be ready for a long approval time yet flexible repayment terms. Private lenders care less about your score and credit history and hence approve a $350 loan with bad credit within a couple of hours, yet their repayment terms tend to be stricter and less forgiving in case of payment delays. Pawnshops, in most cases, lend you money for about a month. So if you fail to repay the $350 loan, you simply do not get your valuable back and it is put on the window for everyone to buy it. Unless you repay the loan on time, be ready to pay much more to get your valuable back.

What bank will give me a $350 loan with bad credit?

Short-term loans are not something banks are fond of, but the latest “simple loans” program led to U.S. Bank, TD Bank. LightStream. SunTrust, and Marcus issuing a $350 loan with bad credit without any hesitation. Make sure to check your local smaller banks as well, since they might have already joined the initiative as well.

How to get a $350 loan with bad credit?

To get a $350 loan with bad credit you need to:

  • Review the market for the available offers.
  • Compare the offers based on your current budget and repayment terms (faster approval time vs more beneficial interest rate).
  • Select your lender and double-check the $350 loan conditions for your particular case. 
  • Collect the papers and apply. 
  • Wait for the approval.
  • Get the money transfer (within one-three business days).

What are the benefits of first-time $350 loan with bad credit to know?

The time is one of the greatest benefits of a $350 loan with bad credit. Lenders tend to review your application within a couple of hours for private establishments, so you will be able to get the required money no later than three business days later (usually the next one).

The evaluation process is simple for a $350 whether you go to a bank, private lender, or a pawnshop. The list of documents required to get approved is short and easy to collect, making the biggest part of the country’s population eligible for such a loan. 

The score improvement while not the greatest, yet still an important benefit for a $350 loan. Since this is a short-term loan, you will be able to repay it pretty fast, hence showing your ability to stick to the obligations, and hence improving your overall FICO score and credit history. In fact, short-term loans are one of the easiest ways to get yourself back on track.

Besides being one of the easiest and most affordable ways to cover a budget hole, a $350 loan with bad credit is also one of the best opportunities to improve your credit score. Remember, however, that this is a loan and that you need to comply with the repayment rules in order to succeed. Should you feel that you might not repay the $350 on time, consider applying for a smaller $300 loan. In case more funding might be needed in the nearest future, it is highly advised to borrow more – a $400 loan in order to save on cumulating interests.

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How to apply for $350 loan with bad credit
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