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Cosmetic Surgery Loans

Plastic surgery is the most important branch of medicine that allows a person to correct defects of appearance, restore health and improve self-esteem. Little wonder that the cosmetic surgery loan is becoming increasingly popular. Through surgery, it is possible not only to eliminate scars or burn marks, but also to improve almost any part of the body. The price of a cosmetic surgery is quite high and not everyone can afford it.

     In such a situation, many people take cosmetic surgery loans. It is difficult to collect the required amount, but it is much easier to make the obligatory payments. By issuing a loan, you get the opportunity to realize the long-standing dream of a beautiful appearance much faster.

What is a cosmetic surgery loan?

     Cosmetic surgery loan is a personal loan used to pay for plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

     In recent years, even more plastic clinics say that they provide “medical loans”. However, it is important to understand that they do not provide loans themselves, but only assist in the execution of the relevant application. Only a bank can give money for a cosmetic surgery.

     How do cosmetic surgery loans work?

     If you have not enough cash to pay for plastic surgery, you can get a loan:

     1) ordinary personal loan

     Personal loan for the plastic procedures can be issued in any bank. The amount of the loan they provide is enough to pay for any operation. Interest rates range from 17 to 25%. Rates will be lower for customers with a clean credit history. To obtain this loan, you must submit a fairly large block of documents.

     2) express loan

     Express loans differs from other types of loans by the smaller set of documents required for obtaining a loan. But the interest rates of this loan are very high – more than 35%.

     3) credit card

     You can pay for the clinic services with a credit card, the interest-free repayment period of which is usually 30 or 50 days. Such credit cards are provided by many banks.

     For people whose face has been deformed as a result of a trauma, plastic surgery is particularly relevant. For such citizens who have medical insurance, there is an opportunity to apply for free or partially free medical care within the framework of the program of state guarantees. This is possible if there are medical indications for the treatment of a traumatized face.

     The most significant question that borrowers must decide for themselves is whether they really need plastic surgery and where to do it. Initially, you need to contact a plastic surgeon, get his/her advice and find out a preliminary estimate for the operation.

What can I use a cosmetic surgery loan for?

  • Hair transplantation is an extreme measure for baldness, when other means of preserving and restoring hair are ineffective. No one is immune from hair loss, neither men nor women, and if this happens, sometimes only their transplantation can correct the situation.
  • Mammoplasty (breast surgery) will help women correct the shape of the mammary glands. No matter how beautiful your breasts are in your youth, their shape changes over time. The force of gravity, pregnancy and breastfeeding, hormonal imbalances and weight jumps can change its appearance beyond recognition. Sagging, stretching, loss of shape and elasticity can make it far from ideal, and beautiful breasts are the pride of any woman and a guarantee of attractiveness for men.
  • Abdominoplasty and liposuction (tummy tuck) is performed to correct the abdominal area. During surgery, excess fat and skin is removed. It requires a certain level of skill from the surgeon, since it is important to observe symmetry when sucking fat deposits.
  • Gluteoplasty is a complex of plastic operations aimed at changing the volume and shape of the buttocks. Volumes are increased with the help of silicone implants, when sports do not bring the desired result.
  • Brachioplasty deals with upper arms. It is prescribed when the skin in the area from the shoulder to the elbow has become flabby and hangs ugly when raising a hand. This operation helps to restore the tone of the forearms and their lost beauty.
  • Cruloplasty and femoroplasty are operations that help your feet achieve perfection. It is the plasticity of the legs, as well as the tightening of the inner side of the thigh.
  • Platysmoplasty (neck surgery) is performed when there is an excess of skin in this area, the presence of excess fat and loss of muscle tone of the neck muscles. The first signs of aging appear in this zone, it is not surprising that many people want to correct its appearance, since the cosmetic effect after the operation is very noticeable.
  • Paniculectomy (skin tightening after losing weight) is an operation that will help to eliminate loose and sagging skin on the abdomen after a sharp and significant decrease in body weight or pregnancy.
  • Torsoplasty (combined plastics) is used to eliminate the problems posed by skin that has sagged after a sharp or very large weight loss. Such operation covers most areas, such as abdomen, hips, and back, and requires a certain skill and experience from the surgeon, as it is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries.

How much does a cosmetic surgery cost?

  • Mammoplasty – 6-8 thousand dollars;
  • Facelift – 7-9 thousand dollars;
  • Blepharoplasty – 4-5,5 thousand dollars;
  • Lip shape correction – 2,5-4 thousand dollars;
  • Rhinoplasty – 5-6 thousand dollars;
  • Liposuction of one region – 2,5-4.5 thousand dollars;
  • Abdominoplasty – 6-8 thousand dollars.

How can I find the right cosmetic surgery loan for my needs?

     When you choose a cosmetic surgery, ask yourself a few questions before taking this important decision.

  • What is my loan like? Check eligibility criteria which credit organizations offer and ensure that your credit score exceeds their minimum requirement.
  • How much can I afford? You should be able to get an approximate idea of what the monthly payments will be based on the interest rate on credit and current fees. Take a cosmetic surgery loan only if you can afford it.
  • How much do I need to borrow? Banks impose restrictions on the amount you can borrow with certain loan products, so check their minimum and maximum amounts before applying.
  • When do I need money? Lenders offer different turnaround times, so you should contact their support service before applying to find out when you can expect funds after receiving approval.

How to apply a cosmetic surgery loan?

     To apply for a personal loan or credit card to pay for a cosmetic surgery you need:

     1. Choose a credit organization whose terms of providing money for you are the most acceptable.

     2. Fill in the online application form on the lender’s website with an indication of the amount, term, name, birth date, passport information, place of work, monthly income, etc.

     3. Submit a request for consideration and wait for a call from the manager, who will clarify a few questions, and then invite you to the office for a loan.

     4. Visit the bank office with the originals of the necessary documents.

     5. If the loan is approved, sign the agreement and receive the funds by the chosen method.Also on our website you can find information about a hair transplant loan and a weight loss surgery loan. Webmoneyloans is always ready to help you.

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